A report on my hero my grandfather

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Yolande Knell As England celebrates the day of its patron saint, many Palestinians are gearing up for their own forthcoming celebrations of the figure they also regard as a hero. A familiar flag flaps in the wind above a Palestinian church in the West Bank village of al-Khadr.

A report on my hero my grandfather

These testimonials are brave and selfless accounts of the ravages of cigarette smoking. You are welcome to join our very active mail list where we share all types of information. In addition, many subjects are referenced on our Index page: The money spent, even back then, by the tobacco companies, were in the billions of dollars, just in advertisements and cigarette handouts.

Even now, their advertising dollars are directed to the younger generation. If you would like a sampling of the older advertisements, we are thankful to Chickenhead. I would like to give all teenagers a brief description of my life as a person with emphysema.

The facts that I provide to you will be a true-life experience of my trials and tribulation of my disease.

Young people sometimes do not realize that smoking can destroy their future. They do not understand the problems that can develop from smoking.

A report on my hero my grandfather

They do not understand the affect it can have on their health. When I was a young person, I never realized that smoking could diminish the most important factor in my life my breathing.

When you can't breath you begin to realize how insignificant a cigarette can be in meeting your daily habit. I wish now I had never had a habit of smoking.

I realize now breathing is a life function you can not live without, but cigarettes you can.


If you had endured the pain I have suffered throughout the last ten years, you would never smoke a cigarette. I have had several collapsed lungs. I have had my back cut open, and had my lung partially removed. I have also spent months at a time in a hospital away from my family. The suffering is still not over; I now have to have my other lung partially removed.

This procedure will prolong my life, for a later lung transplant. Now, do you think I have suffered enough for my desire for a cigarette? If you smoke you could truly experience my life. I would never wish this disease on anyone.

Please, think twice before you smoke. If you smoke now, please stop and remember the story of a lady who destroyed her life for a cigarette.

We are sorry to report that we lost Glenda on January 15th, Jan Costilow This is the way having emphysema makes me feel. Do you like to shop for new clothes? For me it is like running track while getting dressed, only you have to stop 3 or 4 times before you finish.

It changes your whole life, nothing remains the same! Jan Costilow Special Note: Jan has now received a lung transplant and is doing very well! I lived with my grandparents from the time I was two until I was My grandmother, Janet Costilow was diagnosed with emphysema when I was about four. I have seen first hand what this horrifying disease can do to a person.

My grandmother went from a person who could do anything she wanted to do, to a person who is on oxygen 24 hours a day.by Amaka Nwasah 1 year ago I lost my hero (dad) on the 3rd of last month.

He was a man of integrity and honor. Oh death! My dad was the only parent I knew. My Hero My hero is my grandfather.

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My grandfather has done some amazing things with his life. He was in World War 2. He was also the superintendent of puplic schools here in New Bedford. My grandfather is surely my hero. My grandfather's name is Mike Rodriquez. He was born in a small portug. My Grandfather, My Hero.

My mother worked long hours as a nurse, and my grandparents took me under their wing and helped raise me. My grandfather used to spend time with me all the time. He always encouraged me to read as much as I could. He let me read to him for hours at a time.

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Get started now! Jan 28,  · Hi, my name is Austin and I am 14 years old, my question today is why do Marines go to Washington, especially in an event like this. My Grandfather was a United States Marine and served from to 54' active, and was discharged in Status: Resolved.

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