Marine plant resource essay

Nature has provided bountiful resources surrounding us for sustenance of a better life. Thus, any part of our natural environment such as land, water, air, minerals, forest, grassland, wildlife, fish or even human population that man can utilize to promote his welfare, may be considered as Natural Resources. These resources, along with human resources and capital, play a crucial role for expansion to national output which ultimately drives towards economic development. Hence, the existence or the absence of favorable natural resources can facilitate or retard the process of economic development.

Marine plant resource essay

View All View Slideshow 1. Having trouble with pests eating your plants? These perennials resist both deer and rabbits. The aromatic leaves of Yarrow are what keep the pests away.

Marine plant resource essay

Aconitum Monkshood A clue into Marine plant resource essay this plant is resistant to pests is another common name, Wolfsbane in addition to other "-banes". So deer and rabbits avoid eating it, but you as the gardener should too.

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Allium Ornamental Onion Onion may be a big part of the human diet, but the flavor is a turn off for the grazers. The flowers, however, attract pollinators! This genus is actually toxic. That just means we get to enjoy the flowers of this versatile sun or shade perennial. The woolly texture of the leaves are a natural deterrent to unwanted critters.

They also come in purples, whites, and pinks. Digitalis Foxglove Digitalis has been used to treat heart conditions, but on the whole, the plant is very toxic which is why the critters stay away.

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Epimedium Barrenwort Epimedium has some medicinal purposes, so is not toxic to humans or critters. This substance is why deer and rabbit steer clear of these beautiful foliage perennials.

The sap may irritate your skin if you are sensitive, so if picking for a bouquet, avoid the bottom of the stems or wear gloves.

Ferns Ferns as a group are often left alone by critters. Hardy Geranium Not to be confused with the red annual Geraniums Pelargoniumthe foliage on Geraniums have a slight scent that smells nice to us but not to deer and rabbits. Helleborus Lenten Rose Not all deer and rabbit resistant plants are toxic, but Lenten Rose definitely is.

Normal handling is absolutely safe, just make sure not to ingest the plant. That same scent is what drives the critters away--the scent is too strong for their liking. Kniphofia Red Hot Poker This genus comes in a variety of warm shades like reds, oranges, and yellows, and are generally left alone so you can enjoy the spiky flowers in summer.

Lavandula Lavender This herb may smell nice to us, but the strong scent scares away deer and rabbits. Liriope Blue Lily-turf This is a great option for a perennial groundcover that will be left alone for the most part by deer and rabbits.

Although it looks like a grass throughout most of the year, a special surprise is when it blooms in late summer. Nepeta Catmint This is part of the mint family, so its foliage is fragrant, which deters deer and rabbits.

It may, however, attract cats they might rub against it and smell it. Ophiopogon Black Mondo Grass This perennial not actually a grass is one of the more deer resistant. It looks like Liriope but in a cool black color.

Pulmonaria Lungwort The leaves on Lungwort are covered with coarse hair--and deer and rabbits tend to leave "hairy" plants alone. Not surprising, Salvia belong to the mint family. That same strong scent that seems pleasant to you actually keeps the critters away.

Stachys Hummelo Like Salvia, this is a member of the mint family. Deer and rabbits tend to leave smelly plants alone. Most people like to enjoy this as a foliage interest in their garden anyway.Population is not of concern if there are enough resources to go around.

Important resources like water of suitable quality for growing crops, drinking, cooking, and cleanliness, fertile soil for growing food and trees, and fuel for warmth and cooking.

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