Nike demographic

Although that may be true in the overall scheme of things, there are certain athletes that Nike targets more often because they are more profitable.

Nike demographic

Getty Images With its instantly recognizable swoosh and slogan, Nike clearly knows a few things about marketing. Which makes it incredibly likely that the company thoroughly anticipated the controversy that would greet its latest ad featuring currently unsigned NFL player and outspoken activist Colin Kaepernick.

So why did the company go ahead with the campaign?

Nike demographic

It's almost certain it ran the numbers and saw that, despite the shoe-burning, boycott-threatening outrage on the rightthe move would be good for business. Those same numbers suggest that, depending on the demographics of your customers, your brand might want to consider doing the same, or risk increasing irrelevance.

Do customers want brands to speak out? The first question any brand, including Nike, needs to answer before speaking out on social or political issues is whether customers want to hear from companies on these touchy topics. There is a pretty definitive answer to this question out there, and it is yes.

Younger, cooler, and more woke But while a clear majority of Americans wants the brands they interact with to speak out on social issues, it's also important to note that there are significant differences among demographic groups.

The fact that liberals are a lot more interested in companies getting political no doubt made Nike's decision even easier. As sports industry analyst Matt Powell noted in a tweet hat tip to Business Insider: Appealing to senior citizens is a good way to win an election, but it's not a good way to sell most consumer products and services.

Whether standing up for a cause is right for your brand depends, as ever, on exactly whom you're trying to appeal tobut if you're marketing to young, liberal-leaning urban dwellers, you risk getting left behind if you don't stick up for your beliefs.

Nike demographic

Sep 5, More from Inc.Watch video · Nike’s mentions on social media skyrocketed after news of the Kaepernick ad broke.

In 24 hours, there were more than million references to the brand, according to the analytic firm Talkwalker.

Nike, Estee Lauder, and Constellation Brands top the list of Amazon-resistant companies, according to Logan Capital Management. Jun 19,  · Nike's Consumer Direct Offense hinges on 12 Key Cities strategy where demographics show its best prospects, active, young high-earning customers live.

. Oct 15,  · One of the most fascinating stories in the sports business over the last 18 months is the rise of Skechers to become the number 2 sneaker brand in the US, behind Nike/Jordan. According to our research of New Hampshire and other state lists there were 18 registered sex offenders living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire as of November 22, The ratio of number of residents in Portsmouth to the number of sex offenders is 1, to 1.

The number of registered sex offenders. Nike is unique in the fact that they have a very general targeted demographic segment.

If anyone wants to be athletic, then they’re going to receive at least one marketing target no matter what their racial profile, economic status, or other sub-demographic may be.

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