Penn foster legal writing project 2

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Penn foster legal writing project 2

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Requires analysis and proposal writing to plan and implement GIS solutions supporting emergency management activities of government agencies and contractors. Prerequisites - GEOG Geospatial Technology Project Management.

The course focuses on requirements analysis and proposal writing targeted toward planning and implementing GIS solutions for government agencies and contractors.

As a basis from which to pursue these objectives, Planning GIS for Emergency Management introduces the current and potential future roles of GIS in support of crisis emergency management activities at all geographic scales local to international.

These roles are considered at each of the four stages of crisis management mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery. Then, selected focus topics e. The course provides a framework for understanding the real-world application of GIS for crisis management and for addressing the applied research needed to enable more effective GIS application in this context.

Penn foster legal writing project 2

It provides the background and perspective needed by project managers, consultants, and other professionals who are engaged in activities that range from initial requirements analysis to determine whether and how to implement or extend GIS capabilities for emergency managementthrough design of training exercises to develop requisite staff expertise in application of GIS to different kinds of emergency situationsto development of technological enhancements intended to improve the effectiveness of GIS in specific emergency management activities.

This course will challenge you to exercise the analytical and writing skills needed to develop successful project reports and proposals. Writing skills are honed through instructor critiques and peer reviews.

Weekly lessons focus on: What will be expected of you? As in any graduate level course, you will be challenged to move beyond the knowledge and skills that you bring to the class. You can expect to be busy; as a rough estimate, you should allow hours per week for class assignments.

Included in the hours each week is time to complete projects and related activities. You'll be glad to know that you don't have to show up for class at a certain time!

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All you need to do is complete assignments before the published deadline at the end of each week. During the term, I encourage everyone to use the course discussion tools to help each other find relevant materials, learn about interesting applications of GIS for emergency management, and exchange ideas about your proposals.

My colleagues and I have worked hard to make this the most effective and convenient educational experience possible. How much and how well you learn is ultimately up to you. You will succeed if you are diligent about keeping up with the class schedule, and if you take advantage of opportunities to communicate with me, as well as with your fellow students.

For a more detailed look at what will be covered in each lesson, as well as due dates for our assignments and activities, please refer to the semester-specific course schedule that is part of this syllabus see "Course Schedule".

Return to top of page Course Goals By the end of this course, you will be able to produce effective project reports and proposals to support GIS research and development, implementation, or training activities targeted at the application domain of emergency management.

Specifically, learning objectives are divided into three sub-categories: Emergency management as an application domain for GIS - Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to Understand the stages of emergency management and the roles of GIS in each stage; Determine which specific GIS capabilities and kinds of data are required to support emergency management work at each stage; Explain how GIS techniques have be applied effectively within each stage of emergency management; Identify challenges in application of GIS to specific emergency management problems e.

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Penn foster legal writing project 2

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Return to top of page Assignments and Grading Students earn grades that reflect the extent to which they achieve the learning objectives listed above. Opportunities to demonstrate learning include the following, and grades will be based on percentages assigned to each of several components of the course as follows: Individual participation via online discussion forums and comments on lesson pages.

Students will be encouraged to post questions and answer each others questions on the online forums.Similar Questions. legal writing 2 i am suppose to write 2 legal memorandum sally bright v. john bright and john bright v. sally bright child custody case. mother wants to take minor child out of the country.

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I am suppose to write 2 legal memorandum sally bright v. john bright and john bright

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i am suppose to write 2 legal memorandum sally bright v. john bright and john bright