Personal branding business plan

But developing your personal brand might not be as simple as you might hope: Fortunately, there a number of personal branding experts out there who can walk you through the whole process of branding YOU and relieve you of some of the burdensome labor associated with the process, such as putting together an online portfolio.

Personal branding business plan

In this article we have packed together 50 beautiful brand kits that are ripe and ready for you to take away, customise and use for your own brand. This template is perfect for any business looking to incorporate a little heart, a little magic and a little whimsy into their designs.

Click to edit this social media design in Canva Click to edit this presentation design in Canva Click to edit this business card design Block Colours and Sharp Angles Who said corporate designs have to be boring?

Using sleek angles and striking colours creates a design that is the perfect blend of professional and modern. Balancing out your imagery with some simple elements, tall type and a small palette keeps things minimal and flexible. This template is perfect for any business looking for a low-maintenance design that looks good in any light.

Striking Type and Vivid Colours Does your brand have a strong message? This template is perfect for any brand with a strong message, from gyms right through to streetwear labels.

Click to edit this social media design in Canva Remix this presentation design Click to edit this business card design Also, let this template kern your type loosely to give it a bit more space to breathe, creating an overall sophisticated and clean look for your design.

In short, this template personal branding business plan is just perfect for any brands that are a personal branding business plan dreamy, natural or rustic. Geometric Elements and High-Contrast Palettes Creating high contrast designs was never easier thanks to this template.

Use simple but sharp lines and a striking colour palette to grab attention right away, and then hold that attention with some sleek typefaces to add an element of sophistication to your message.

This template is perfect for any professional or corporate brands looking to get a little bit simpler and a whole lot sharper.

High Contrast and A Striking Accent Colour Use this template to splash a bold brush typeface over some monochromatic images for a really striking effect.

This template is perfect for any brand or business looking to create a totally non-corporate, more urban and handcrafted-looking design. Romantic Imagery and Elegant Type Are you looking to channel elegance and daintiness in your design?

Consider customising this template, then. This template steers away from any harsh black colours and instead uses grey tones with the softly coloured imagery, creating a much more dreamy and romantic feel.

This design is perfect for any brand looking to add a touch of the finer things into their communications.

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Bold Graphics and Textured Images For a very modern, bold and effective template, be sure to check this one out!

This fashionable design pairs textured images with sharp shapes and type to create a bold, eye-catching look. So, if your brand is looking to create something a bit more modern, a bit bolder and a lot more striking, give this template a shot.

Warm Tones and Minimal Graphics Keep things simple and inviting with this toasty template. Pairing some warmer brown tones with a pop of colour along the bottom of your visuals helps liven up your design and also creates a strong colour palette right at your disposal.

Offset this warm palette with a simple white serif typeface to keep it all clean and friendly and just like that you have a delightful design, perfect for any inviting, friendly and warm brands.

Balanced and Fresh This kit keeps things clean and clear with a sharp palette, cooly-filtered images and some nicely balanced type. This kit is just perfect for anybody looking to keep their brand looking both clean and clear, but also fresh and fun. This design uses elegant serif typefaces, a super simple palette and plenty of room for custom imagery to make for a flexible and foolproof design suited for just about any business looking to add a bit of class to their designs.

Crisp Type and Natural Imagery Are you looking to channel all things clean, clear and natural? Well, be sure to check this set of templates out. With a mix of italic, bold and regular serif typefaces, this template creates a classic and clean effect that looks beautiful when paired with a textured image.

An ideal template for any business looking to combine elegance with all things natural and calming.

personal branding business plan

Look no further, because this template has it all. By pairing muted greys with more lively colours as sampled from your high-saturation images, you can create a stunning contrast.

This kit is all about the balancing of elements, so be prepared to crop your images in unique ways to shift the focus about, and perhaps toy with the idea of a few icons.

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Keep it fresh, modern and vibrant! Textured Imagery and Sharp Graphics Did you know that by simply pairing some textured images with some sharp graphics, you could make a visually effective design?She enjoys sharing knowledge, inspiring success and motivating business owners both individually, in groups and by speaking at events.

Find out more about Debra at her website: Masterful Marketing. Pete Kistler is a top 5 finalist for Entrepreneur Magazine's College Entrepreneur of , a leading Online Reputation Management expert for Generation Y, one of the Top 30 Definitive Personal Branding Experts on Twitter, a widely read career development blogger for, and a Judge for the Personal Brand Awards.

personal branding business plan

Sep 16,  · I googled “personal branding” today and got nearly two million results. When I started my personal branding business, Reach Personal Branding, almost 15 . A working plan to help freelancers, consultants and professionals to define the key points of their personal marketing plan.

10 questions and basic choices to d. Here is a cute infographic on the different roles in your own personal branding business! Personal branding, so loved, loathed, disputed, so.

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Our friends at Behooved have come up. When marketing yourself, it pays to work with great personal branding consultants who know their stuff.

Aug 18,  · The term branding has long been relegated to companies, but today almost every individual has a personal brand. Not many of us have consciously cultivated these brands, but they exist nonetheless.

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