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Gender Texts featured narratives focusing on the empowerment of women, be it social, economic or physical. Some of the main key issues and debates raised during the second wave period included but were not limited to: The pursuit of independence arose as a common theme, featuring strong female characters unrestricted by male control, subordination or dependence. Feminism began to be sidelined due to the backlash of ntifeminism and growing discontent.

Pretty woman essay

It is Pretty woman essay the industry of film making that many producers or directors innovate and create some of the greatest films in our history.

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Pretty Woman is one of such a film that has captured the hearts of many viewers as it tells a story of a down-on-her-luck prostitute and a wealthy, handsome businessman, who meet in most extenuating circumstances yet fall for each other and create a love story.

This paper will analyze the film Pretty Woman discussing the films specific areas of storytelling, mise en scene, and genre, its impact on society, and finally the analysis and interpretation. Every film has a story to tell. Looking at the story is finding out what happens in a film while the plot is telling the viewer how it happens Goodykoontz and Jacobs, Additionally, a plot is identified by the deliberate "series of events that give a dramatic and thematic, emotional significance to the story" "Short Story Elements, para 3".

The story in Pretty Woman is one in which two people from different backgrounds meet and fall in love. Each becomes the one to rescue the other from the life they live.

The story of the film Pretty Woman has a fantasy theme with a fairy tale ending much like the story Pretty woman essay The story within this film is almost like a three act screen play with a beginning, middle, and an end.

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The opening scene sets the stage. Edward Lewis, played by Richard Gere, a very wealthy lawyer, whose business is buying and selling companies, or raiding them, meets prostitute, Vivian Ward, played by Julia Roberts, who is hired to be his companion for a week Marshall, It is a business deal between the two that forges each person's world together in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Pretty woman essay

Edward Lewis' lawyer, Stuckey played by Jason Alexander, is giving a very important party with Edward Lewis as the featured guest in Beverly Hills with an elite guest list. Edward is one of the most eligible millionaires, yet he is discontented with his personal relationship Marshall, Vivian Ward's segment of the opening scene indicates that she is from the lower streets of Hollywood, California called Hollywood Boulevard Marshall, The lighting is low, the crowd resembles the lost people trying to find their way: Her role has turned to a lifestyle to make quick money to cover the rent, and becomes a prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard.

From the beginning, it is evident that each character has an internal conflict. Vivian has an inner conflict of becoming who she wants to be, and wants the fairy tale, of being swept away by a knight in shining armor.

Pretty woman essay

As the scene begins, one man's is chanting on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard, "What is your dream? What is your dream? Everyone has a dream! She needs money so she succumbs to simply making money any way she can without regards for the implication on her moral being.

She has much more to offer than selling her body, as Edward lets her know later in the movie in an intimate moment between them Marshall, Yet her conflict is similar to Edward's. He states in one scene on the balcony of the presidential suite that they "both screw people for money" Marshall, Thus, his inner conflict is that he likes to tear apart but not build anything.

Both characters are guarded and in it for the "business". Their chance meeting creates the need to face their "struggle within one's self; [where each] must make some decision, overcome pain, quiet their temper, resist an urge, etc" " Short story elements, para 2".

What makes this film so believable and endearing in its category of a romantic comedy are the character actors. Each actor embraces their respective role played with a clear chemistry between them. Any good film, this one in particular, must have good acting to make it believable.The Movie Pretty Woman Depicts Women as Commodities Essay - Women As Commodities: Pretty Woman and the Ideology of Pop Culture Representations of Femininity Pretty Woman; the story of the prostitute finally getting her Cinderella happily ever after.

Film studies pretty woman Essay.

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Film studies pretty woman. Popular images presented on the big screens unceremoniously depict prostitution as a temporary course of action. In the end, the heroine finds love and happiness and rarely suffers few, if any, enduring scars from the brief.

Analysis of Pretty Woman. The popular romantic comedy, Pretty Woman, is a story that shows how members of two different social classes meet and become forced to learn about each others way of life. Essay on Comparitive: Pretty Woman and Million Dollar Baby Zelina Aziz Pretty Women and Million Dollar Baby The movie Pretty Women is about a women named Vivian Ward who is a prostitute, and a business man named Edward who hires her for a week.

Analysis of Pretty Woman. The popular romantic comedy, Pretty Woman, is a story that shows how members of two different social classes meet and become forced to learn about each others way of life.

We can look at Pretty Woman’s heroine as a persuasive representation of a character that does not necessarily embody feminism, however she comes into contact with issues that touch on gender inequalities in society.

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