The feasibility of guava

Intercrop with pineapple, peas, gram, beans, papaya, turmeric, Ginger etc. Guava can in turn be used as an intercrop for other large trees such as Mango, Jackfruit, Coconut etc. To provide a strong framework and scaffold of branches. The system of training is open centre, in which the plants are headed back.

The feasibility of guava

Description of components and pattern of assistance 1. Projects under this component shall be appraised by NHB with the help of a committee of experts and should be linked with future area expansion plan under government schemes.

The feasibility of guava

To begin with, planting materials for major crops like citrus, mango, apple, stone fruits, guava. This will also include assistance for meeting cost of Import of best quality planting material of latest varieties of horticultural crops has been included.

Long Distance Transport Solution Component has been introduced to facilitate long distance transportation and bulk movement of horticulture products through rail etc. Cost towards hiring of venue, stall preparations, decoration of exhibition place, public address system, security, lighting, water supply, ceremonial functions etc of event shall be borne by NHB under this component.

Course shall be designed by NHB and training institution jointly, keeping in view training needs of the participants. The technology component to be demonstrated should be new and relevant to the group and must be specifically stated.

Conditions for participation Selected farmer should be in the age group of 20 to 55 years. The maximum size of a training group may be, as decided by NHB in consultation with the training institute.

However, it should not be of more than 30 farmers including Govt officers. The selection of farmers to form group will be done by the State Govt.

Message from MD's Desk

As far as possible, travel plan should be made through the shortest practically suitable route of mass public transport. Visit Abroad for Government Officers Awareness for technology up-gradation, product development, product promotion, exploring improved varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers and market intelligence, shall be in consonance with the WTO commitments and the same would remain as an integrated component as per the objectives of the scheme for the government officers.

The team shall comprise of officials from NHB and there shall be one team leader The visit should normally not exceed seven days excluding the journey time. The expenditure for travel and per diem shall be borne by NHB as per the Government of India approved rates.

Fruit and vegetable processing - Ch08 Fruit specific preservation technologies (cont.)

The names of the officers from the State Horticulture Departments shall be finalized by NHB in consultation with DAC with reference to the merit and performance of such officers in the field.

Beneficiaries from at least five main producer states would be required for the event Such beneficiaries should not be charged any registration fee, etc. The amount sanctioned for a particular year is required to be spent within the same financial year, unless revalidated. Training need assessment should be done for the group of participants and duly considered before sponsoring participants to attend the event.

Crop specific training to producer farmers, training to operators of PHM infrastructures, processingunits, cold storage operators, laboratory technicians etc. Accreditation and Rating of Fruit Plant Nurseries Implementation and pattern of assistance Accreditation system will be based on rating in a scale of single star to five star with appropriate weightage on production system, nursery management practices and quality of planting material produced.

The single star to five star scale rating will be based on following criterion: Availability of required infrastructure as per specified nursery standards of NHM for Model Nursery, such as greenhouses, mist chambers, efficient nursery tools and gadgets, implements and machinery etc.

It will be followed by periodic surveillance of accredited nursery. It may be implemented by NHB directly or through nominated accrediting agency Proposals regarding nominations of accrediting agency and financial assistance shall be decided by the Board.National Horticulture Board Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Government of India 85, Institutional Area, Sector - 18 Gurugram - (Haryana).

Price List of Agricultural Commodities of Today/Selected Date at Wholesale Market/Mandi. Complete Cultivation Guide of Guava Fruit: Important of Guava: It claims to be the 5th most important fruits in area and production after banana, mango, pineapple and jackfruit.

In Bangladesh annual production of guava is thousand tons of fruits (BBS, ). Price List of Agricultural Commodities of Today/Selected Date at Wholesale Market/Mandi. Grow Fruit & Nuts in the home garden in Subtropical Areas Functional use(s) - flavor and fragrance agents.

Has a floral type odor and an fruity type flavor.

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